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Yoghurt & Ricotta Lemon Almond Muffins

These are simply gorgeous.. I found the recipe whilst wandering around on the net, and I couldn’t tell you how I got to it. But I am so glad I did.  These are called “biscuits” by Giada di Laurentiis , who is an Italian American chef from the Food Network US site. Now Food Network US have the recipe, but it seems not the video , whereas Food Network UK have the video, where it is called Lemon Ricotta Cupcakes, but not the recipe… yeah, I agree, Nuts. Almonds mainly…. (ho ho ho) (Sorry.)


Well, I don’t call these biscuits, neither US nor UK verions, and they aren’t cupcakes to my way of thinking as they don’t have any buttercream on top. But they are ever so delicious muffins. So that is what I am calling them.

Here is the video showing you how to make them… sorry, Food Network don’t seem to want me to embed the video so you will need to visit the site.  I hope this will work if you are outside the UK give it a go and let me know if it works.
And here is the original recipe:

Food Network Giada de Laurentiis – Nonna’s Lemon Ricotta Biscuits

As usual, I tweaked it a bit. I kept to the cup measurements so if you prefer grams I am sorry, when I make it again I’ll measure it up and put the metric version here too.

I made 12 in muffin cases

lemon cakes


I used half ricotta and half Total Greek 0% yoghurt
I added a half teaspoon of Lemon extract

Otherwise, surprisingly I stuck to the recipe.  Delicious light and fluffy cakes, with the nuts on the top crispy. Definitely one to recommend.