The Fab Grapefruit Challenge

It has been such a busy month, August, on the personal front I mean. No time really for any interesting foodie things, though I am hoping September will pick up somewhat, with various food festivals on the calendar for later this month.

But one of the interesting things that DID happen in August was the Grapefruit Challenge. I found it through Carol Ford at Growing Direct who was speaking about the South African Grapefruit Challenge and before we knew it, there was a Twitter arranged (love my Twitter arrangements) challenge to eat a grapefruit a day for two weeks and see if it improved concentration and energy levels.

South African Grapefruit Challenge

So in conjunction with Carol (@GrowingDirect) Dominic Weaver (@fruitandvegboy) and a variety of grapefruit loving Twitterers, the challenge gauntlet was thrown down, caught and firmly worn.

I had intended to create lots of exciting things with my grapefruit, but to be honest, when it comes to fresh fruit, I nearly always end up eating it as nature intended. I adore fresh, sharp fruit as well as soft sweet fruits, and the Red and Pink grapefruit we were eating were so good on their own, that naked and unadorned is how they ended up most days.

I did experiment a little at the beginning, and created a delicious lunch dish of Grapefruit, Mint and Feta salad:

Grapefruit and Feta Salad

So simple, just filleted grapefruit (Pink in this case) with crumbled feta cheese and shredded Mint.

Breakfast is still the best time for Grapefruit in my view though, and I like mine filleted rather than halved and eaten that way – even sectioned with a grapefruit knife, I think you lose too much flesh, and end up just with a lot of juice. So I fillet mine out.. if you are not sure how to do that there is a good video on the South Africa n Grapefruit Challenge web site . (This also gives me plenty of peel to make my celebrated Eco Marmalade, so a win all round! ) And then I add maybe a smidgeon of other fruit to add a bit of pizzazz to the bowl.

Grapefruit and blueberries

Blueberries are wonderful added like this I find, and also do you remember that stalwart of hotel breakfasts the Florida Cocktail? Well of course, back in the day when this was so popular it was usually tinned grapefruit, and sweetened at that, but made with fresh grapefruit and fresh oranges it is really delicious and deserves to be served more often.

Old Fashioned Florida Cocktail

I shall be among the 75.4% of people who completed the 14 days, and who will carry on eating grapefruit most days..

Will you be taking the challenge? South African grapefruit are at their best until Mid October, so still plenty of time. Give it a go, if nothing else, you will be upping your Vitamin C levels before winter sets in, which can’t be bad!

with sincere thanks to Dominic Weaver for challenge samples