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Slimming World – Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad

A very tasty springlike salad for the warmer days I hope are on their way. Not complicated but very good, I like this for lunch to eat with cold chicken, chopped up and mixed in, or as part of a spread of different salads.

Total syns for entire dish either 7 (Red or Extra Easy), or 1 and 1 Healthy Extra B (Green or Extra Easy).


Cored and chopped apples – as many as you like, I used 3 Braeburn
Sliced Celery – as much as you like, I used 5 sticks
Chopped Walnuts – I used 6 walnut halves chopped up, 1 Healthy Extra B or 6 syns


2 level tablespoons Extra Light mayonnaise (1 syn)
3 tablespoons 0% Total Greek Yoghurt
Salt & pepper to taste

Mix up the dressing ingredients and season to taste (some finely chopped parsley is nice in here too if you have any).
Add the vegetables and lightly mix to coat.