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Sharp Little Clouds – Lime and Brandy Syllabubs

I had an urge for desserts again yesterday. A lovely light creamy squishy dessert, as against a good wintry stodgy pudding.

Normally I would have a Proper Pudding this time of year, and keep the squishy desserts for summer, but I think it was Carol’s request for a recipe for the Black Forest Cherry Trifle on Thursday that started me off.  I had to have something squishy.

I still have quite a few of the lovely Brazilian Limes I received a couple of weeks ago – they are keeping so well, I still have a dozen or so left.   I wanted to use these, I fancied the fresh sharp lime flavour, but I only decided on dessert about an hour before dinner,  it had to be quick, and so a syllabub it was.


syllabub 003


This is a real favourite of mine, quick simple and very forgiving. You really don’t have to measure much once you have the feeling for how you like it. You are aiming at  sweet but sharp, a good flavour of alcohol, creamy but not dense.  I didn’t have any rum, but this would be perfect with rum instead of brandy.

Into a bowl I put the juice and zest of three limes, a goodly slug of brandy and one of Marsala, three tablespoons of caster sugar and stirred until the sugar melted. Lots of recipes tell you to do this the night before and leave it in the fridge to meld the flavours and of course you can do that if you have enough time.

Into the lovely sweet boozy liquid, add roughly twice as much double cream, so probably about a middling cartonful. – stir it in and taste, and then adjust the sharp/sweet/creamy to how you like it.  Then whisk it all up to soft pillowy clouds – this varies in how long it takes, depending on how much liquid you decided to put in, the more liquid, the longer it will take.

You don’t want it stiff like  meringue, you want softly whipped cream, that holds its shape just but you wouldn’t be able to pipe it.

Break some amaretto biscuits into shrapnel and pop this in the bottom of your pretty glasses, and then pile the syllabub on top, finishing off with some more zests. It will hold in the fridge for about 12 hours before it decides to separate a bit, but the amaretti are there to soak up any liquid that might leach out so you will be fine. The texture is best within about 3 hours though.

I hope you like this, it is a long long time favourite of mine. Let me know what you think.