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Sausage Cottage Pie

I found a pack of sausage meat in the freezer, left over from making sausage rolls at Christmas. Time to use it up.

I would usually make some kind of sausage pattie, like a skinless sausage, but whilst I was at the International Food Exhibition recently, someone was handing out little samples of a sausage cottage pie, which was really delicious. I’m afraid I didn’t notice who, I was being jostled at the time, so just said “thank you” and moved on, but the idea stuck in my mind.

Well, its not rocket science of course, really its just bangers and mash in a different form, but for some reason I’d never thought of it.

I squished the sausagemeat flat into an ovenproof glass dish, and popped it into the oven to bake for half an hour, to make sure the pork would be fully cooked.

In the meantime, I sauted some chopped mushrooms in a spray of Frylight until they were cooked but not too shrivelled. And cooked and mashed some potatoes.

Dish out of the oven, spread mushrooms on top. Spread mash on top. Spray with Frylight (or you could dot with butter if you like) and bake at medium heat for about 20 mins until the potato is nicely browned.

I served it with some lightly cooked brussels sprouts and runner beans.

Slimming World people, if you use low syn sausages and slip them out of their skins, you will have a very low syn dinner. Lovely!!