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Proper Right Royal Elizabeth Sponges with Jam and Buttercream…

In this year of the Queen’s Diamond anniversary of her coronation, I am thinking that I shall rename these modern Victoria Sandwiches as Elizabeth Sponges.  Only one year to go to match Victoria’s reign, and my money is on her keeping on to make Elizabeth our longest reigning monarch of all time.

So, as it is her duty to reign over and look out for us all, so it is our duty to make lovely cakes and name them for her. Don’t you agree?

Here is my offering, delicious sponges flavoured with almond and vanilla, with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam.

mondaycakes topped007


One of the things I am not so happy about with jam and buttercream in sponges is the way that a decent amount of jam can squelch out of the sides and make the cakes look messy. But if you only put a little bit of jam in, then the cakes can be dry and without any fruity softness inside.  So how do you like this trick?  I piped the buttercream round the edge, and popped a teaspoonful of raspberry jam in the middle. This kept the jam in place, and allowed for a nice deep filling. Neat, eh?

Here, look….

mondaycakesindivid 006


And then when you cut into the cake, you have it all tidied away inside. I reckon our queen would like a nice tidy cake.

mondaycakessplit 008

The recipe is the same as I used for the Mother’s Day little cakes, with the addition of a half teaspoon of almond essence in the cake mix.