Newby Tea – an old favourite updated

Newby Tea Bags



I don’t drink English black tea with milk, I really hate how the milk leaves a sort of greasy film in my mouth.  So I drink light, fragrant teas with no milk.  Mainly White and Green teas, sometimes Oolongs, sometimes First Flush Darjeelings, sometimes herbal teas (although never the fruit ones – ugh, they all taste of hibiscus..)   So, as you can imagine, I have a fine wardrobe of teas. Something for every occasion I like to think.

My favourite for morning is Jasmine Phoenix Eye Pearls that I buy from both Lahloo and Teanamu  (both Pei and Kate are lovely Twitter friends, and I will always buy from my Twitter friends in preference to anyone else. ) My afternoon tea is Oolong these days – either Teanamu’s Lishan Oolong or Lahloo’s Orchid Oolong depending on what is in my Oolong tea tin.. Evening is something from Tea Pigs either lemongrass or mint probably.

I also used to love first flush Single Estate Darjeeling. I make it light and weak and drink it without milk. It is floral and refreshing with a real green grassiness to it.  I used to buy it from Newby Tea, way way back when they did a lot of estate teas by mail order.   Then for some reason I stopped buying it (I think I was on a budget…!  ) and when I came back, I found that they were no longer supplying mail order directly to the public.

Here is one I made earlier… in 1997 to be exact. (I am still using the tin by the way! )


you can see from the label on the bottom how old this is!


So I was rather pleased to find out when I ran into Newby Tea at the Speciality Food Show that not only are they now selling their teas online through Cafe du Monde  (albeit a less rarefied range than before) , they are also twittering!  So I can add them to my growing list of Twitter suppliers…

A great chat later, they suggested that it would be interesting if they could get some feedback on some of the teas that they were making that fitted my wardrobe parameters, and sent me samples of three teas, all in bags, to try out.

Newby Tea Bags

I do prefer loose teas, but there are times when you are out and about that a singly packaged tea bag like these is really useful to keep in your handbag.  I know lots of people who drink British tea all the time, and don’t have anything that I can drink (I don’t drink instant coffee either) so I like to have something with me, so I won’t be left sipping cold water.

These are high quality teas.  Not whole leaf teas, but not powder either, they make a cup that is perfectly drinkable.   My favourite among these three is probably the Jasmine, with the Sencha following behind.

The Oolong is an odd thing.  I thought the name was rather strange,  and on checking the ingredients found that it contained a milk extract, supposedly to add a creamy sweetness to the tea.  To my taste, this makes the tea taste like toast.  This may be a richness of flavour that works for a lot of people, but I would probably prefer to have an unadulterated oolong.

It is also rather a shame that I can no longer find any mention of the fine single estate teas that I used to love from Newby, I would buy first flush and second flush, and enjoy the differences that the season and estate bring.  I hope that they are still available and that as more people develop a tea palate, that they will become commercially viable again.

All told, very nice premium everyday teas, beautifully packaged, at a perfectly acceptable price.

I quite fancy a cup of tea now…


thank you to Newby Teas for tea samples