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Granola Truffles. Aren’t I clever!

I had some buttercream left over after yesterday’s little cakes.

I received some Lizi’s granola to try out in the post yesterday.

I was snacking on dry granola for lunch and fiddling about with my buttercream.

And I had a brainwave…

I firmly believe that brainwaves are to be followed immediately before the brainwave washes over the shore and is lost to the surf forever.  So I squeeeezed little worms of buttercream out into my lovely granola bowl..


granolaandeggs 003


And fiddled about with them to cover them with granola…


granolaandeggs 004


And look!! Granola truffles! Wouldn’t they be lovely at a children’s birthday party!


granola truffles 005

After a little bit in the fridge they firmed up beautifully and are rich and delicious and crunchy and nutty on the outside.   Just think… you could use any flavour of buttercream you like. You could add chocolate. Or nuts. Or maybe freezedried raspberries..

The world is your truffle.

The granola, by the way, is very nice indeed. It is Lizi’s Granola, which I was sent to try out. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of Lizi’s, but it did sound very nice. I was sent the Organic granola, which won a Great Taste Gold medal in 2009, and I am sure would still win today. Lots of nuts (I like lots of nuts) not too sweet (I don’t like too sweet) some coconut (which I love but Bob hates, so all the more for me..).

As you may remember, I love granola, and often make my own. This was interesting – less clumped together than a lot of modern granolas, and is more like homemade comes out. Personally, I like this texture, it is not as hard on my teeth as some are, as in order to clump the granola into nice little chunks the binding mixture has to be stickier and so harder on your teeth.

You can buy Lizi’s through their website, and I believe it is being stocked in a lot of supermarkets, so I shall certainly keep my eyes open for it.  I quite fancy trying out the single serve sachet packaging as well, I know it works out a bit more expensive, but as I am the only person eating granola in the house, keeping it fresh is often a problem. Lizi’s comes in a resealable foil sachet so should be ok for a while, but the little sachets would be ideal for kid’s lunchboxes or for taking to work. Nice idea.

(with thanks to Lizi’s for the sample pack)