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Food for your eyes part three – The Twittering Suppliers

There has been a lot of talk on the business blogs about the rise of social networking, and the power of peer-to-peer recommendations, particularly on Twitter. (I’m not linking to anything in particular here, but by all means check out any of the 28,600,000 items my Google search produced).

Blatant product plugs by suppliers don’t appeal to me, and followers whose only rationale for following me is to sell me something get blocked very quickly.

But having said that, I follow some commercial websites and suppliers who, in my view, offer real value. They may be funny, they may be interested in the views of the people interacting with them on Twitter, they may talk about their lives as well as their products (these are probably my favourites). At the heart of all of them is the fact that there is a real human being, not just a PR machine churning out product puffs.

Obviously, most of these are small enterprises whose customer service strategy is to offer a personal touch, but not all. Some of the major companies have very canny PR, who are able to make you feel very wanted and needed. Am I being taken in by flagrant hypocrisy on the part of the supplier?

Do you know, I really don’t think I care. That warm fluffy feeling is very attractive, I’m always going to turn to these people before a chilly just-give-me-your-money enterprise. I doubt I am alone in this and it is certainly a lesson that more online businesses need to learn in this dog-eat-dog world.

So here is my blogroll of favourite food orientated Commercial Sites and Suppliers who Tweet (in no particular order other than as they are listed in my Twitter following list) :

Green & Black Chocolate: greenandblacks
Hawksmoor Steakhouse: HawksmoorLondon : RecipeGirl
Peter’s Yard Bakery: PetersYard
The Sole Bay Cheese Company: SoleBayCheeseCo
The Marmarati : Marmarati
Mat at the Chelsea Fishmonger (OK, not the company site, but he does a damn good PR job for them and should get promoted!! ) Chelseafish
The Food Network: foodnetworking
The Essex Gourmet: essexgourmet
Purely Pesto: PurelyPesto
The Scandinavian Kitchen: Scanditwitchen
Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies: Brays_Cottage
Breckland Orchard Drinks: breckland
Food Safari: FoodSafariUk
Absolute Press: absolute_press
The Rare Tea Lady: raretealady
The Guardian : Word of Mouth: guardianfood Mydish