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Proper Right Royal Elizabeth Sponges with Jam and Buttercream…


In this year of the Queen’s Diamond anniversary of her coronation, I am thinking that I shall rename these modern Victoria Sandwiches as Elizabeth Sponges. Only one year to go to match Victoria’s reign, and my money is on her keeping on to make Elizabeth our longest reigning monarch of all time.

So, as [… More …]

Yoghurt & Ricotta Lemon Almond Muffins


These are simply gorgeous.. I found the recipe whilst wandering around on the net, and I couldn’t tell you how I got to it. But I am so glad I did. These are called “biscuits” by Giada di Laurentiis , who is an Italian American chef from the Food Network US site. Now Food [… More …]

Yoghurt and Ricotta Mini Cheesecakes


I love cooking with yoghurt, and have been meaning to pop some of my favourite recipes here for a while now, so forgive me for suddenly popping several on at once.


These [… More …]