Would I tell you Porkie Pies?

As part of our Gosh-it’s-too-nice-to-work-let’s-get-out-in-the-country drive, we decided to head to the North Norfolk seaside for the day, to see some birds at Titchwell, and to eat crab and mayonnaise for lunch somewhere. But before we got there, we stopped at North Creake to spy out the farmers’ market and to meet up with Sarah from Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies.

Sarah and I have chatted for ages on Twitter, and I was really excited to meet her at last – Twitter is odd, you feel that you know people really well, even if you have never met them at all. And it is even odder that, when you DO meet people, they are really like their Twitter persona.. so you recognise them immediately.

Sarah and Lynne

Mind you, the fact that Sarah had a table full of pork pies might just have had something to do with recognising her…

Sarah from Bray's Cottage Pork Pies

I had the honour of standing in as a Pop Up Pie Assistant whilst Sarah nipped off for an errand, and I am proud to join the throngs of important people who have PUPA’d with Sarah, including @DrTimKinnaird (look , they even got in the paper…) and Vivia, the stunningly clever Grethic. I got to wear the Piggy Apron.

Lynne, the PUPA

Do you know about Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies?

They are truly the bee’s knees of pork pies. They have awards coming out of their ears, and damn good pies they are. Sarah gifted me one with with chorizo onion marmalade (yummy) and one with onion marmalade (my favourite, double yummy). We had them for tea when we got home – the one on the right is the chorizo, the one on the left the onion marmalade. They are quite different from commercially made pork pies, the pastry is lighter and more flaky, the meat looser, somehow meatier. A quite important difference is that there is no jelly.

Porkie Pies

Delicious, you really must try them.