Mini Orange Gibassiers…



…. are just delicious!

Do you remember the Gibassiers I made last year after Aldeburgh Food Festival, when I had them at Pump Street Bakery? I only make these in the wintry months, they don’t feel right in the summer, with all the berries around there are lots of other things to make, [… More …]

A Hufflepuff of Brioche


I am very happily experimenting with yeast baking. I love the slowness, and the sheer life of yeast dough. It comes alive under your hands, it is wonderful stuff.

brioche tete001

[… More …]

The Dark Side…. Sourdough Scalded Rye Bread


I am very fond of rye bread. Both light rye, as you get in delis in NY and in French boulangeries, and also the darker Eastern European style of rye bread, deep in flavour with malt and caraway.

I discovered a rather excellent bakery in Westfield at Stratford, Karaway. They produce breads from Russia [… More …]

Puffy Flat Breads



I wanted some lunch. I had some left over home made soup.

But that meant I wanted some bread. Oh dear. No bread yet, the sponge was still setting.

I looked at the sponge, sitting there all fluffy and bubbly. I looked at the frying pan sitting there all black and empty.

I [… More …]

Blooming Beautiful White Bread


Do you remember I started making white bread? that my husband approved of, and would actually eat in preference to the thick sliced white bread he used to insist I bought?


breadtuesd bloomer014… More …]

Les Gibassiers d’Orford

Gibassiers for breakfast


I am in love.

With a bun. Not any old bun mind you, a very French bun. A Gibassier.

The Gibassier

The Gibassier is an enriched brioche type bun, [… More …]

New loaf – Milky white, made even softer…


Trying new flours and slightly different methods to see how they will affect the softness of the milky white bread, this is the softest yet, and possibly as soft as I want to get. The crust is very thin light and soft, so would make excellent rolls.


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More bread… my top tips with a Milky White and a Milky Brown




I am loving making bread again. I had forgotten how satisfying it is to have a freshly baked loaf sitting on top of its tin cooling down.

I have also been searching for several years for a loaf that Bob would enjoy, and I have found it. Hurray!!

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Bread: Very Very Fast or Very Very Slow…


I hadn’t made bread for years, not since I played about with making sourdough bread back in 2008, (I talked about my experiments on Lynne’s Days at the time..). I love bread, but I eat too much of it, then put too much weight on.

Brown [<a href=… More …]

An Italian Bread and Butter Pudding



I was so delighted to win a Carluccio Caffe Pandoro just before Christmas, to be picked up in January. Sadly the branch we had elected to collect from had run out of Pandoro, but we were awarded a fabulous Panettone instead.

Carluccio Panettone… More …]