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Scandinavian isn’t always Noir you know….

I’ve been meaning to pop some pictures on here of Thane Prince’s Cook Book Club November meeting…. Love Food in a Cold Climate , starring the luscious Signe Johansen who came wielding her waffle iron and a vat of waffle batter.  Delicious.

If you are within reach of Islington, do check out if you are free around the first week of each month (might be Tuesday, might be Wednesday, depending on people’s commitments) , it is always a really good evening, everyone brings something to eat and something to browse through, and we talk food all evening to our continuing delight. Imagine! nobody glazing over with boredom, nobody trying to change the subject, nobody trying to watch the football……

We did a lot of nattering about Scandi things, it might have got a little political towards the middle, but we managed to rein the conversation in and get back to the food. Nobody brought anything smelly. Everything was delicious.

We had (and scarfed down wantonly) waffles maple syrup clotted cream Cornish butter rye crispbreads beetroot salmon mustard dill sauce tartiflette quince friands ginger cake limpe bread saffron buns more waffles and still more waffles…


scandi 1
scandi 001
scandi 002
scandi 003
scandi  005
scandi  009
scandi  012
scandi  014
scandi  026
scandi  033
scandi  013
scandi  015
scandi  029

If it looks great fun, it is because it was!

Roll on December, and A Novel Christmas… what on earth shall I bake that is from literature?

With huge thanks to The Draper’s Arms for their hospitality, Signe Johansen for her waffles and beauty, Thane Prince for her organisational skills and welcoming hostessness, Rodda’s Cream for their delicious cream and butter, Peter’s Yard for their crunchily amazing rye crispbreads and Flour Bin for their fab samples of British Malt and scrapers so we can all make Scandi breads 🙂 All much appreciated.