Foodie events #2 – Avocado tea at the Dorchester

How posh eh!!

I was so chuffed to be invited by Red Communications to the launch of the Peruvian Hass Avocado season,  with the Peruvian ambassador and some other likeminded industry avocado lovers.  Thank you again Dominic, I had a fab tea.

Peru is mostly famous in my book for Paddington bear and so marmalade sandwiches, but it is a major exporter of avocados, both the lovely black nobbly Hass ones and the smoother green Fuerte. It is the Hass that is in season at the moment, which suits me as it is my favourite. Avocados are such great fruit, silky, smooth and full of amazingly good things.

But I am very pedestrian in what I like to do with them.

I make guacamole (the chunky kind, not the slimey slushy one) errrmmm.. that is it really…

So it was with great excitement that I tasted a variety of delicious dishes, all carefully made for us by the chefs of the Dorchester.

Here are some snaps I took at the event.. sorry about the focus on some pix.  I am not David Bailey try as I might 🙂

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

 We are at the Dorchester! Posh Tea!

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

 The charming Peruvian Ambassador  S.E. Julio Ernesto Muñoz Deacon, telling us a little about Peru.  Good to see Dominic paying attention….

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

 The kooky madness that is Liz O’Keefe from Eat In Magazine, and the elegant grace that is Emma Jane from Red.

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

Our chef

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

 Luscious sandwiches.. the ones with the roasted peppers were just heavenly!

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

 Savoury scones with avocado salsa and tuna tartare

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

 Avocado Sorbet with Avocado foam and Vanilla Peach Jelly

Peru Avocados at the Dorchester

 Avocado & lime icecreams! So little and sweet !

I have to say that I thought the dessert ok, but not mind blowing.  The little icecream cornets were quite delicious, and the scones too. But the sandwich which paired avocado with roasted red pepper? Made in heaven.   So simple yet so stunningly delicious.

I tried the trick of putting your unripe avocados in a paper bag to allow them to ripen evenly, which works well, though the very hard South African Basic avos from Sainsbury’s took a good week, and still weren’t as delicious as the professionally ripened ones I also tried, and certainly not a patch on the Peruvian ones, which are larger and so have more flesh to stone ratio.  I love lots of South African produce but not these, so I do think it worth paying that little bit extra for the Peruvian Ripe and Ready ones, as they are much more even and creamy.

There is a fabulous summary of all sorts of Avocado factoids here at the Love Food website , and I’ve also found  some amazing recipes from Thomasina Miers on the Peruvian Avocado website,  but which ones to try first?