Food for your eyes part two: the Blogs & Twitter

Anyone who knows me will know that I am nuts about Twitter.

I started with just a few of my eBay contacts, but soon discovered that there was a massive community on Twitter interested in food in all its aspects.

I wandered into my first foodie blogs by accident.. I was looking for any new restaurants in my area to try out, and found that The Ark (my now favourite local fishy restaurant) was just around the corner and I had never known about it.

Los Dos Hermanos

Who told me that? My first and still one of my favourite food blogs, the Majumdar brothers make me laugh, and somehow, I trust their judgement. If they say it’s good, I know it will be good. (sorry Michel Roux Jr …)

Oh! I saw that Simon Majumdar was on Twitter. So I started to follow him, and the people that he followed, and then some followed me, and then ..

The wonderful world of Twitter foodies and food blogs unfolded before me like one of those slowmotion pictures of flowers blooming that you used to get on telly on the nature programmes.

If you haven’t started to look at food bloggers who also Tweet, you would do no worse than to kick off with my current favourites, listed here in no particular order (and if I follow you but I’ve missed you out, don’t be offended, just yell at me and I’ll pop you in!). These aren’t retail or professional sites, these are just the best kind of online food writing – the things that people like or don’t like, things they find interesting. Personal views expressed in a way to make me want to find out more :

With Knife and Fork

The Barefoot Kitchen Witch
Essex Eating
Meemalee’s Kitchen
Amuse Bouche
Food Urchin
David Lebovitz
Slimming Eats
Mathilde’s Cuisine
A Scot in London
Eat like a Girl
The Ample Cook
Hollow Legs
Paul’s Cooking
Kavey Eats
The Cheeselover
Off you go then.. what are you waiting for? Get reading!