Eton Mess… in time for Wimbledon!

I’m not a huge one for elaborate desserts. I quite like quick, simple creamy ones, with fruit in there somewhere.

Eton Mess is surely one of the quickest to make, especially if, like me, you buy in your meringue shells.  Home-made meringue is delicious, but to be honest, I think that the bought ones survive better in the dampness of the cream. And that means roughly 5 mins from start to spooning it into your eagerly waiting mouth.


Eton Mess


I like mine with a hint of syllabub about it, but don’t feel that the alcohol is essential. You can just leave it out and add a little more sugar.

Eton Mess

For two people

150 ml tub double cream
150 ml (half tub) whipping cream
Good slug Marsala or Sherry
Tablespoon caster sugar

Small punnet raspberries
Small punnet strawberries
3/4 Meringue nests, roughly broken up
Another glug Marsala or Sherry

Slice your strawberries, and add Glug #2 of Marsala or Sherry. Set to one side.

Whip double and whipping cream together with  Glug #1 Marsala or Sherry and sugar until thick and floppy but not too stiff. Fold in the raspberries and broken meringue shells.

Pile into bowls and top with sliced strawberries.

Eat and enjoy!