Gomokuzushi – a scattering of flavours & colours


Sushi.. say that to a lot of people and you will get the comment.. “oh, I don’t like raw fish..” Well that is a shame, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying sushi. The point of sushi is the vinegared rice which can be topped with lots of things, not just fish. And even [… More …]

Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?


Wheat free I mean….

Rather a nasty flare up of red spottiness on my cheek means I am attempting to clean my blood out with a sort-of-detox.

Nothing vicious, just no wheat, alcohol, coffee, chocolate or sugar, no dairy except yoghurt. Lots of raw fruit and veggies, lots and LOTS of water.

So [… More …]

Sausage Cottage Pie


I found a pack of sausage meat in the freezer, left over from making sausage rolls at Christmas. Time to use it up.

I would usually make some kind of sausage pattie, like a skinless sausage, but whilst I was at the International Food Exhibition recently, someone was handing out little samples of [… More …]

Stan Laurel’s New York Style Cheesecake


So we’ve had the full fat cheesecake. Luscious and creamy and wonderful… and fattening. The Oliver Hardy of the cheesecake world.

Not at all the kind of thing that long thin Stan Laurel would have enjoyed. Oh no. But I bet he would have still relished a bit of skinny cheesecake now and then. [… More …]

Boulangere Potatoes – Slimming World


I adore potatoes. I love them mashed, roast, chips, anyway at all really. And so long as I don’t use any fat (or just use Fry Light which is free on Slimming World) I can stuff my face with them.

… More …]

M-M-My Granola!


Every time I make my breakfast, I find myself singing My Sharona, (with head banging bits)… I love the Knack, but it isn’t that. Is it the beat? The haircuts?

It is, of course, down to my latest favourite breakfast: granola. I had never eaten granola until Rachel (@ladytubedriver ) at my [… More …]

Slimming World – Potato and Egg Salad


I meant to write this up for Naomi at my Slimming World group ages ago, but somehow it just got moved further and further [… More …]

It might be all Greek to me, but it’s Totally delicious


Total YoghurtYoghurt, the thick creamy Greek kind has long been the mainstay of my breakfast. I would eat it dolloped onto fruit, mixed into muesli or granola, or pure and unadulterated [… More …]

Chorizo & Chickpea Stew – Spanish Whispers


Chorizo and Chickpea StewFor ages, and perhaps even longer than that, I have been dying to try out the Chorizo and Chickpea Stew that Essex Eating treats [… More …]

Slimming World – Waldorf Salad


Waldorf Salad

A very tasty springlike salad for the warmer days I hope are on their way. Not complicated but very good, I like this for lunch to eat [… More …]