Giardiniera – the very best pickles!


I have a husband who is half Italian, and whenever we went to Italy, we would always pick up jars of pickled vegetables, slightly sweet, in an oily vinegar. He loves them, but similar types bought over here have always been too sharp and vinegary for his taste. For years I have promised to [… More …]

Scandinavian isn’t always Noir you know….


I’ve been meaning to pop some pictures on here of Thane Prince’s Cook Book Club November meeting…. Love Food in a Cold Climate , starring the luscious Signe Johansen who came wielding her waffle iron and a vat of waffle batter. Delicious.

If you are within reach of Islington, do check out if you [… More …]

Mini Orange Gibassiers…



…. are just delicious!

Do you remember the Gibassiers I made last year after Aldeburgh Food Festival, when I had them at Pump Street Bakery? I only make these in the wintry months, they don’t feel right in the summer, with all the berries around there are lots of other things to make, [… More …]

Osso Buco and a Risotto Milanese….


….cos practice makes perfect.

I’m not sure.. did I mention that I am going to be one of the judges in the Essential Cuisine Risotto competition on Facebook and Twitter? And that means that I will be cooking the finalist risotti along with fellow judges Jeremy from Essential Cuisine, and fellow blogger Jenny from [… More …]

A Hufflepuff of Brioche


I am very happily experimenting with yeast baking. I love the slowness, and the sheer life of yeast dough. It comes alive under your hands, it is wonderful stuff.

brioche tete001

[… More …]

The Dark Side…. Sourdough Scalded Rye Bread


I am very fond of rye bread. Both light rye, as you get in delis in NY and in French boulangeries, and also the darker Eastern European style of rye bread, deep in flavour with malt and caraway.

I discovered a rather excellent bakery in Westfield at Stratford, Karaway. They produce breads from Russia [… More …]

Proper Right Royal Elizabeth Sponges with Jam and Buttercream…


In this year of the Queen’s Diamond anniversary of her coronation, I am thinking that I shall rename these modern Victoria Sandwiches as Elizabeth Sponges. Only one year to go to match Victoria’s reign, and my money is on her keeping on to make Elizabeth our longest reigning monarch of all time.

So, as [… More …]

Yoghurt & Ricotta Lemon Almond Muffins


These are simply gorgeous.. I found the recipe whilst wandering around on the net, and I couldn’t tell you how I got to it. But I am so glad I did. These are called “biscuits” by Giada di Laurentiis , who is an Italian American chef from the Food Network US site. Now Food [… More …]

Yoghurt and Ricotta Mini Cheesecakes


I love cooking with yoghurt, and have been meaning to pop some of my favourite recipes here for a while now, so forgive me for suddenly popping several on at once.


These [… More …]

Drunken Scones and Sober Madeleines


The grandson came to tea after the Spurs match on Sunday, out of the blue, so I needed something really quick to put on the table. I haven’t made scones for a long time, and thought they would be rather tasty with some of Vickie Humber’s delicious apricot jam. And maybe a little plate [… More …]