Eco Marmalade – an update


We had grapefruit for breakfast the other day, and I felt the need to make more marmalade. Now today I am also making Apple Crumble Pie and some lovely Apple Compote from the fabulous first book by Signe Johansen, Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking …: Scandilicious… More …]

Sausage Cottage Pie


I found a pack of sausage meat in the freezer, left over from making sausage rolls at Christmas. Time to use it up.

I would usually make some kind of sausage pattie, like a skinless sausage, but whilst I was at the International Food Exhibition recently, someone was handing out little samples of [… More …]

Boulangere Potatoes – Slimming World


I adore potatoes. I love them mashed, roast, chips, anyway at all really. And so long as I don’t use any fat (or just use Fry Light which is free on Slimming World) I can stuff my face with them.

… More …]

Frugal living #2 – Preserving : Chutney


OK I know.. it is early January, and the time for making chutney is September and October. But I thought it might be better to get this all down in writing for next year before I completely forget how I made them.

I made three chutneys this year.

My version of Delia’s [… More …]

Frugal living #1 – Eco Marmalade


I have been asked several times now when I am going to get my act together and give some instruction for my famed Eco Marmalade. Well, take your seats, ladies and gentlemen, for here you are..

Eco marmalade, you say. What is an eco? Is it like an orange? Can I buy it in [… More …]



We have fruit trees and raspberry canes in our little suburban garden. But never have I grown anything that actually needed tending.

This year however, in line with frugality [… More …]