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Chablis and a Take Away Dilemma…


It is always nice to asked to join in, and I was rather pleased to be invited to join in a competition to pair Chablis with a take away meal. Chablis is a lovely easy tempered wine, so I expected it to be easy to find something interesting and tasty to match it.

Oh [… More …]

Granola Truffles. Aren’t I clever!


I had some buttercream left over after yesterday’s little cakes.

I received some Lizi’s granola to try out in the post yesterday.

I was snacking on dry granola for lunch and fiddling about with my buttercream.

And I had a brainwave…

I firmly believe that brainwaves are to be followed immediately before the brainwave [… More …]

Perfect Little Cakes for Mother’s Day


These little Victoria Sponge cakes are perfect for coffee with your Mum on Sunday, just the right size for a bite or three.

cakecoffee 006

I wanted to try out my [… More …]

My best Facebook Suppliers of 2012 – with a Big Thank You


When I first started this blog, one of my earliest posts recommended some of my favourite food suppliers who understand social media and interacting with their customers. In the two years since then, Twitter and Facebook have become more and more essential for any business wishing to succeed. Why, even the BBC tweets these [… More …]