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More autumn soup… cabbages and pumpkins


More soup for you to relish the autumnal colours and warming textures, for as well as the deep savouriness of a bowl of clear broth full of vegetables and pasta I also enjoy soups that have more of a velvety texture. Usually that involved blending them and using some root vegetables. Pumpkin and autumn [… More …]

Oh, please… have a heart…..





One of the exciting things about Farmer’s Markets is picking up unusual hard-to-find meat from the farmer who is doing the producing. Walthamstow has some [… More …]

Soup time….Minestrone


It is getting chillier, don’t you think? Time for soup…

I was really lucky recently, and won a set of dehydrated stocks from Essential Cuisine – a fab product I had heard of, but I had never used them before.

… More …]

A Jack to catch a Mackerel


There is an excellent fish stall at the Walthamstow Farmers Market, Sea Fayre, fish very fresh, up from Dungeness. Not very cheap, but then fresh fish never is.

So I was astonished to find a fish I had never seen before at an astonishing price of £1 per fish. Horse Mackerel. Or Jack. Or [… More …]

The Total Greek Yoghurt Treasure Hunt!


So those clever people from Total Yoghurt have come up with a new game for us..

If the Facebook app for 1000 recipes using Total Yoghurt wasn’t both useful and amazing , and the little Kindle cookbook wasn’t cheap and tasty  (and I’ll have you know that the Stan Laurel Cheesecake is in there [… More …]

Not only Americans like a meatball you know…


I love meatballs. They seem to be associated with Scandinavian cookery these days, but I really do like a good old-fashioned American Italian one. When I travelled to New York for business in the old days, I was always enthralled by the fact that Italian restaurants there in the 1980s would appear to serve [… More …]

Lemon Drizzle Fat Fairy Cakes


I hate too much sweet sickly buttercream.

There I have admitted it, heresy as it would seem these days. A modern heavily iced buttercream cupcake doesn’t move heaven and earth for me as it does for a lot of people.  I like [… More …]